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General Details

Hex Name:
Forest: Grassland

Description: Mourningdrell is a quaint country focused on the local market and self-sustaining practices. They do trade with other friendly nations, albeit rarely. Its main city is Ebonrend. Home to Lord Vincent Rend and his family aide, Horace Ebon. There is a weekly market in Ebonrend in which all the surrounding communities and farms of Mourningdrell gather for trade. As of late there have been multiple razings of the smaller communities near the border to Deepwallow....


Ebonrend: General Properties

Created By: Liam Johnston

Place Name:
Short Description:
Ebonrend, the stone market city.
Services Available:
Gambling, Weapons, Advanced Trades, Regional Market, Research Assistance, Armour, Basic Trades, Mage Supply, Lodging, Advanced Gear, Medical, Stables, Food & Drink

Description: Ebonrend is a circular city built primarily around its massive central market. It is a modern city made mostly of cobbled streets and sturdy stone architecture. Vincent Rend's estate is in the northern part of town and can be seen by its lustrous exterior.

Ebonrend: Establishments

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Ebonrend: NPCs

Name Race Alignment Occupation Description Status
Vincent Rend Human Neutral Good Lord A fair haired, very well dressed human

Vincent Rend is the lord of Mourningdrell. His family migrated to the south generations ago and united the people and small settlements to form the city of Ebonrend. The Rend family focused on community growth and self-sufficiency. Vincent is especially well-liked by everyone as a patron of goodwill and charity. He uses his wealth to better the market of Ebonrend and its people. However, he is extremely extravagant himself and only owns the best he can acquire.

Created by Liam Johnston


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