Persistent World Release Notes

Here you can find a list of bug fixes, feature adds and general enhancements for every release we make.

Version 1.4 - 2023-02-18

Simple Session Logging - No DM Approval Required

When logging sessions you no longer need DM approval.

Set static gold amounts per character level range.

DMs no longer handing out magic items in game.

Version 1.3 - 2020-04-22

Online Player Logs!

The magic items list has been converted to a table that is fully sortable and searchable.

Players can now register charcters online rather than using pen and paper log sheets. For full details check out these videos:

Version 1.1.1 - 2020-02-07

Minor Update. The changes below are reflected in the Persistent World Player Guide and DM Guide.

The Player Guide has been updated to provide rules for splitting loot when the party cannot agree on who gets what. In the unlikely case that as a party you cannot agree who gets what loot provided by the DM you will have to roll for it. All players involved roll a d20 and the highest roll gets first pick, 2nd highest gets 2nd pick etc.

Version 1.1 - 2020-01-31

This update is pretty much all game-system and documentation related stuff. The changes below are reflected in the Persistent World Player Guide and DM Guide.

Update the log sheet to include a separate column for currency and removed the "saving for" field.

When saving treasure points you no longer have to declare what you are saving for. You can decide what you went to spend them on whenever you like.

You can have a maximum of 12 treasure points. If you start a session with 12 points you will not receive any points at the end of the night.

Players can spend 10 treasure points and 250 gold to learn an additional language.

Players can spend 10 treasure points and 250 gold to gain proficiency with one set of tools. The tool set is included in the cost. This applies only to tool proficiency (Thieves tools, Dragonchess set, Lute etc) and does NOT apply to skill proficiencies.

Major magic items can now be sold by players at a cost of 2 treasure points. Items can be sold in between adventures or during an adventure at the DMs discretion. Note that items are sold "to the bank" and cannot be sold to other players.

Rarity Value
Minor, Uncommon 400
Minor, Rare 4,000
Minor, Very Rare 40,000
Minor, Legendary 150,000

The amount of minor items a player may bring on an adventure has been increased to (PC Level/2) + 2. Limitations on major items are unaffected.

PC Level Major Items Minor Items
1 1 3
2 1 3
3 1 4
4 1 4
5 1 5
6 2 5
7 2 6
8 2 6
9 3 7
10 3 7
11 3 8
12 4 8
13 4 9
14 4 9
15 5 10

The minimum PC level requirements for some magic items have been increased.

Magic Item Category PC Level Required Treasure Point Cost
Minor, Common 1+ 4
Minor, Uncommon 1+ 4
Minor, Rare 1+ 4
Minor, Very Rare 6+ 8
Minor, Legendary 13+ 8
Major, Uncommon 1+ 8
Major, Rare 6+ 10
Major, Very Rare 12+ 10
Major, Legendary 14+ 12

DMs can now gain session rewards for a character when they run a table. One of their PW characters gains XP, Gold and TP as if they were in the adventure being run. The maximum gold is relative to the character they are applying the benfits to, not the adventure.

Added clarification to player guide in regards to playing at lower level tables.

Added clarification to DM guide in regards to balancing HP at tables.

Added clarification to DM & Player guides in regards to magic items and gold items being non-transferrable. If a PC dies their stuff goes with them and cannot be scavenged by other PCs. Resurrected characters come back with all the stuff they had upon death.

Added tables to roll for reincarnation.

Version 0.1 - 2020-01-01: Initial Release!

This is the first version of the PW system. Future release notes will have lists of bug fixes and updates etc.

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