Persistent World Guide

The Persistent World (PW) system is what TorontoDnD uses to allow random groups of players to play with random GMs at various levels while still being able to grow their characters, level up and gain sweet loot.

What is the Persistent World system?

For players the PW system defines:

  • What character options are allowed for use. This includes species, classes, subclasses spells and magic items. You can find a complete list here.
  • When their characters level up.
  • What rewards they receive at the end of each session.
  • How they acquire magic items and at the level requirements for owning them.
  • How many magic items they can bring on adventures with them.

For GMs the PW defines:

  • How to balance characters of different levels in a game.
  • What level ranges events will typically be set at.

What events use the PW system?

Some of our events require that you players use a PW character (basically one that is registered with us) while some do not. Regardless of the event type, any event that requires a ticket provides players with session reward.

Event Type Character Requirements Session Rewards
Roll For Adventure PW Required Yes
Roll For Dameage PW Required Yes
Roll For Pride PW Required Yes
Newbie Night Characters provided, eligible for PW after event Yes
Anything But D&D Characters provided at event, not PW Yes
SideQuest Characters provided at event or special rules for creation, not PW Yes
RPG University Non-Gameplay Yes
Creative Sessions Non-Gameplay Yes
Social Events Non-Gameplay Yes

How to balance your table.

In many cases you will be running for parties that have PCs at different levels. In an L1 - L4 game you might have three L1 PCs and two L4 PCs, in an L8 - L10 session it might be one L8, three L9s and one L10. In all cases there is a simple system to help balance things out.

When PCs are of different levels simply let all players temporarily increase their max hp by the number of hit dice between them and the highest level PC in the party. They can roll or take the average. Take this L1 - L4 party for example:

PC Level Start HP Max Added Hit Dice Adjusted HP Max
Grom the Barbarian 1 12 3 33 (Avg 7hp * 3 hit die + 12 starting)
Evil Chas the Wizard 1 6 3 18 (Avg 4hp * 3 hit die + 6 starting)
Zummogovitch the Fighter 2 16 2 28 (Avg 6hp * 2 hit die + 16 starting)
Sir Sneaksalot the Rogue 3 18 1 23 (Avg 5hp * 1 hit die + 18 starting)
Ducky the Paladin 4 28 0 28 (No adjustment made)
This table assumes all players take the average roll and have a zero constitution modifier

You may additionally allow players to improve their ability scores and gain levelled up features as you see fit, although the above method is usually the quickest and easiest way to balance your table. Whatever your method it is your decision and your players are expected to respect it.

What rewards can I give my players at the end of a session?

In order to ensure some semblance of balance from one table to another we strictly limit the rewards from a session to what is listed on the table below:

Level Range Gold Treasure Points
L1 - L4 100 4
L5 - L7 200 4
L8 - L10 400 4
L11 - L13 800 4
L14 - L16 1600 4
L17+ 3200 4

If you have magic items that you want your players to have during your session that is fine, but they will not be able to keep them after the session is over.

What setting does the PW use?

It doesn't! You can set your game anywhere you want as long as it fits into what most people would consider to be the fantasy genre. Want to run in the Forgotten Realms? No problem. Want your players to be in your own homebrew setting? Also cool. Want some steampunk alongside your elves and dwarves? Still cool.

Can I place restrictions on PC species, classes and spells etc?

Not in the PW. The restrictions detailed in the Allowable Character Options are what we use for all of our PW games. That being said, if you want to run something that has more specific requirements let us know and we can potentially add it to our "SideQuest" category of events. In these events (with approval) you can run all sorts of crazy stuff.

Do I get any PW rewards for running these games?

You sure do! After each sessions is concluded you will receive a session credit exactly as if you had played in the game. You can apply it to any character at any level regardless of the level range you ran at.

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