Newbie Nights

These beginner focused events will teach you the basics of the game and allow you to play a one-shot adventure in a judgement free environment.


Our Newbie Nights are the perfect way to jump into D&D if you have little to no experience with the game or RPGs in general. We provide basic instruction on the core game mechanics and get you playing quickly in a fun and safe environment!

What to Expect

When you arrive at the venue our host will provide you with a name tag, give you the lay of the land and help you pick a character. When everybody has arrived the host will give a brief talk outlining the major aspects of the game. Once that is done you will be given an overview of how your particular character works and you will be assigned a table to play at. For the rest of the night you will get to play a one-shot adventure with 4 other new players and your DM will teach you anything you need to know as you go. At the end of the night you'll have a reasonable understanding of how the game works and should be ready to play in any game from then on!

Experience Requirements

Absolutely none! If you've played the game once or twice and want a refresher or if you've never played an RPG in your life you'll be fine at this event.

What to bring

You do not have to bring anything other than a can-do attitude and a desire to have fun! We will have pre-generated characters, dice, pencils and the like on hand. In order to keep the amount of instruction to a minimum we ask that people do NOT bring their own characters to the event, please use one of the ones that we will have ion hand for you.

Important Details

Unless otherwise specified:

  • The venues we play at are usually fully licensed establishments with proper food and drink menus. They are donating their space to us so please treat them right, buy something to eat or drink and don't forget to tip your server. No outside food or drink please!
  • In order to discourage no-shows there is a $10.00 charge for all most events payable in advance via PayPal. This will be processed when you RSVP via meetup.
  • These are 19+ events. If you are a minor or a parent who wants to bring a minor please reach out to to see if an accommodation can be made.

Upcoming Newbie Nights:

All of our events typically fill up ahead of time, so RSVP early to make sure you get a spot!

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