Have a question that we haven't addressed below? Contact us and ask it directly!

Not at all! In fact we absolutely love teaching people how to play, and it’s really easy! Unless otherwise stated all of our events are newbie friendly. We will get you playing before you know it!

Nothing. We will have everything you need to play on hand. If you’ve rolled up your own character, or have your own dice, handbook etc then feel free to bring your stuff, but it is not necessary, we have you covered!

Most of our events have a $10.00 fee. Some events may be free and some may cost more, but the vast majority are $10.00. The price for each event will be clearly listed on each event.

Yes, yes we can. We can set up a game in which you will be the DM with another more experienced DM assisting you. Contact us for details!

Drop us a line via the Contact Us form or on meetup and we will get you a table. Let us know what type of game you want to run and we will be in touch.

We have dice, pencils, battle mats, dry erase markers, X-Cards, the PHB, pregenerated characters (Levels 1,3,5,10) and more at every event. If there is something specific you think we should add let us know!

Almost always no. Unless otherwise stated you are not obligated to purchase anything from the venue. That being said, it is always nice to support the venues that support us!

Unfortunately meetup.com doesn't support waitlists for paid events. If you check back on the day of the event there are sometimes last minute cancellations.

There is a permanent invite on our home page.

Unfortunately no. We require upfront payment to secure your spot. We instituted this policy to combat no-shows and it has been very effective.

We do no offer traditional campaigns but our persistent world events offer a the ability to grow your character and affect a shared world over time. If you are looking to get a traditional campaign going you should check out the LFG channel on our Discord server.

That depends on the event. Our one-shot nights always have level one games, but also usually have a level three or five game. When you RSVP make sure to indicate what level you want to play and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Although it is ALWAYS at the discretion of the DM, for our one-shot nights it usually is fine as long as it’s not game-breaking. If it’s your first time out just send as a message when you RSVP letting us know what you want to do and we will get back to you.

That’s technically not a question, but we would love to hear your idea! Send it to us using our contact form.

Not at the moment. We certainly could if we had a DM or two who wanted to volunteer. Ahem…

See above

We periodically search for new venues that make sense for our group. As our membership grows we will be adding more locations and will be trying to cover areas of the city we don’t currently run games in.

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