Persistent World

Grow your character. Keep your loot. Change your world.
If you can't find or can't commit to a full campaign these events will allow you to mix the best aspects of one-shots with the best aspects of a proper campaign. Our persistent world events allow you to play one-shots that all take place in a shared and shapeable world with full character continuity.


Our persistent world events all take place in one setting that is host to all parties playing at any of our events, regardless of location. Each event will be an enclosed adventure (no cliff-hangers, at the end of the night your character will either be somewhere safe or, well, dead...) but the experience and loot you gain stays with your character. In addition, your actions can help define the world. After each event your DM will sign off on your loot and experience and will update the world map to include the towns, cities, NPCs and whatever else you find. The next time you play everything you found will still be there, along with whatever anybody else found!

What to Expect

When you arrive at the venue our host will provide you with a name tag, give you the lay of the land and seat you at the table you signed up for. Your DM will take a quick peek at your character sheet prior to starting and will answer any questions you might have. When your table is full the game will get underway!

At the end of the night (assuming your character survives!) your DM will dole out any sweet loot you may have found. This info will be stored on your scharacter log sheet, or if your prefer, in our online app (coming soon). The next time you come out to play bring your character sheet and log and you are ready to go!

Commitment Requirements

None! If you want to just try it out and see if it's up your alley that's all good. If your real life schedule is super-hairy and you can only play once every few months that's cool too. If you love it and want to play in every session, also fine. This applies to both players and DMs.

Experience Requirements

Our Tier 1 tables require absolutely zero experience. If you've never touched a d20 in your life, or don't even know what that means, no problem. We will teach you everything you need to know as we play. Frankly, it's a great way to learn! Higher tier tables require that you have played characters through the levels below that tier. Our level tiers look like this:

Tier Level Range Level Frequency
Tier 1 Levels 01 to 03 Level up after each session
Tier 2 Levels 04 to 06 Level up every 2 sessions
Tier 3 Levels 07 to 10 Level up every 3 sessions
Tier 4 Levels 11 to 14 Level up every 4 sessions
Tier 5 Levels 15 to 17 Level up every 4 sessions
Tier 6 Levels 18 to 20 Level up every 4 sessions

If none of this makes any sense to you, don't worry. When you arrive at the event let the host know you are new and they will take care of you. We love bringing new players into the fold and will make it super easy and comfortable!

What to bring

If you have played in one of our PW events before and wish to continue your progress you will need to bring both your character sheet and your character log. Otherwise you don't have to bring anything other than a can-do attitude and a desire to have fun! We will have pre-generated characters, dice, pencils and the like on hand. If you want to bring your own, by all means do provided you meet our character requirements as listed below!

Bringing your own character

You are 100% welcome to bring your own character to the game, but we do have a few rules:

  • Source Books - We currently only allow the PHB, Xanathar's Guide to Everything and Volo's Guide to Monsters. No other sources are permitted at this time.
  • Stats - You can use standard array, point buy, or you can roll for it at the table. Rolling for stats is awesome but we do require that a DM witness and sign off on the roll. If you show up with pre-rolled stats you will be asked to re-roll them. Unless they suck, and then bravo for sub-optimal play.

Acquiring Magic Items

In order to make sure that the world we create together is not completely insane we will be placing some restrictions in regards to loot and magic items. Most of this will be handled by your DM but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Attuned Items
As per the core rules, you can only be attuned to a maximum of three magic items at any given time. Any PC attempting to break this rule will spontaneously combust. All magic items (whether they require attunement or not) follow the rules below:
Major Magic Items
At the start of an adventure you can only have an amount of major magic items in your inventory equal to 1/3 of your level rounded down. So if you are a level 10 warlock you can have up to 3 major magic items in your inventory at the start of an adventure. Note that you can have a bazillion magic items stashed at your safe-house between sessions, but at the start of an event you need to decide what you are bringing.
Minor Magic Items
Exactly the same as above except you can bring up to 1/2 your level in minor items. So a level 10 warlock would be able to bring 5 minor items to the fray. Hail your evil overlord!

Treasure Points

At the end of a session your DM may give you some nifty magic items. If you receive only minor items or if you would rather pick your own stuff you can use the treasure point system. If you opt to take treasure points in lieu of what your DM provides you will receive 4 points. You can spend the points immediately, or immediately decide what you would like to bank your points towards. Once you have decided what to spend your points on you CANNOT change your mind. Record the item you are banking towards at the bottom right of your log sheet.

This table lists the requirements for purchsing items using treasure points. For a list of all the available magic items by category click here.

Magic Item Category PC Level Required Treasure Point Cost
Minor, Common 1+ 4
Minor, Uncommon 1+ 4
Minor, Rare 1+ 4
Minor, Very Rare 5+ 8
Minor, Legendary 11+ 8
Major, Uncommon 1+ 8
Major, Rare 5+ 10
Major, Very Rare 11+ 10
Major, Legendary 11+ 12

Spending Your Gold

In between session or whenever your DM allows it you can buy things with whatever gold your character has. All purchases should be noted on your log sheet and signed off on by a DM. Aside from the items in the PHB you can buy the following:

Potion Cost
Healing 50 gp
Climbing 75 gp
Animal Friendship 100 gp
Greater Healing 100 gp
Water Breathing 100 gp
Superior Healing 500 gp
Supreme Healing 5,000 gp
Invisibility 5,000 gp
Spell Scroll Cost
Cantrip 25 gp
1st 75 gp
2nd 150 gp
3rd 300 gp
4th 500 gp
5th 1000

At the End of the Night

  • Discuss the loot split with your party members and come to an agreement. If you can't come to an agreement your DM will come to one for you that you likely will not love.
  • If you did not receive any magic items or opt to reject any magic items given to you, you can use our treasure points system (details coming soon) instead. This allows you to pick specific magic items, but at a higher cost on average.
  • Complete your log sheet for the session and have the DM sign off on it. If there is no DM initial it doesn't count!
  • Pay your bill and tip your server! Our venues donate their space so be nice to them!
  • Don't forget to hold onto your character and log sheets! We will soon have an online locker available to all registered torontodnd users for free. It will be a great way to back up your character and inventory!

Important Details

Unless otherwise specified:

  • The venues we play at are fully licensed establishments with proper food and drink menus. They are donating their space to us so please treat them right, buy something to eat or drink and don't forget to tip your server. No outside food or drink please!
  • In order to discourage no-shows there is a $5.00 charge for all one-shot events payable in advance via PayPal. This will be processed when you RSVP via meetup.
  • These are 18+ events. If you are a minor or a parent who wants to bring a minor please reach out to to see if an accommodation can be made.

Upcoming Persistent World Events:

All of our events typically fill up ahead of time, so RSVP early to make sure you get a spot!

There are no Persistent World Beta events currently scheduled, check back soon!

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