DM & Host Perk Program

Without DMs there is no D&D really. As a thank you to all of you who help make our community as active as it is we have developed a perk program. There are two main components to the program currently:

D&D Beyond

If you run or host a game at one of our official events (if it's listed on our schedule it's official) you will be invited to share the content we have on D&D Beyond. This will give you access to a robust character creator, every official 5th edition book that has been published, searchable databases of monsters, spells, magic items and more. It is a fantastic tool that makes DMing easier than ever. As long as you run or host once every two months you keep access.

Monthly Prizes

Each month, for every event at which you run a table you will receive one entry for our monthly draw. For every event you host you will get two entries. So if you run twice in a month and host once you will get four entries. The more entries you have the higher your odds of winning. Entries do not carry over from previous months, the contest starts fresh on the 1st of each month and ends after the last event in the same month. Congratulations to Charles, Mike and Darren who won the December prizes, upcoming prizes below!

January's Prizes:

DM Books
1) DM Books

Four incredible tomes to help make your games even better than they already are:

  • Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master: Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master is a book designed to help fantasy roleplaying Gamemasters get more out of their games by preparing less. Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master uses the experiences of thousands of GMs to help us focus on how we prepare our games, how we run our games, and how we think about our games.
  • The Lazy DM's Workbook: The Lazy DM's Workbook is a quick reference book containing tools, tables, guidelines, random generators, maps, and worksheets to help you prepare, improvise, and run great fifth edition fantasy roleplaying games. It goes hand-in-hand with the ideas in Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master and is useful right at the table.
  • Book of Lairs for 5th Edition: 24 great monster lairs for 5th edition! Each of these exciting and unusual battlegrounds comes with a complete short adventure, including a hook, area hazards, tactics, and treasures.
  • Kobold Guide to Plots & Campaigns: Whether you’re a new gamemaster or a seasoned vet looking for a new angle to shake up your game, these 19 essays by expert gamemasters help construct your campaign from the ground up—and keep your players engaged until the dramatic conclusion.

Arachnid Minis
2) Underdark Adventure

11 minis including Drow, arachnids, fly demons and more! Whether you paint them or leave them as is you are sure to give the arachnophobe at your table the creeping horrors...

February's Prizes:

Chessex Prize Pack
1) Mini Accessory Set

Three awesome tools for your minis:

  • Chessex Reversible Battlemat - Hexes on one side, grid on the other. 23.5 by 26 inches, rolls up for easy transport.
  • Chessex Figure Storage Box - Store up to 80 of your minis in this case. The soft foam interior keeps your minis in place and safe during storage or transport
  • Condition Marker Rings - Never lose track of conditions and spells in a battle again with this set of 78 colour coded condition markers!

Gift Card
2) $100 Meeplemart Gift Code

$100 to spend on whatever you want at Meeplemart! This gift code can be used in-store or online and is good towards anything they sell (which is a lot).

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