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General Details

Hex Name:
Forest: Jungle

Description: The Village of Elmstone was founded when an expedition followed the coast into Ursine Bay and broke ground as far inland as the bay would take them. The village quickly sprouted due to a plethora of natural resources - hardwood for buildings and ships, mines rich with minerals, quarries rich with stone, a forest rich with game and an ocean rich with fish.


Elmstone: General Properties

Created By: Matt Cain

Place Name:
Short Description:
A small town on the edge of Ursine Bay.
Services Available:
Basic Gear, Gambling, Weapons, Regional Market, Armour, Basic Trades, Lodging, Medical, Stables, Food & Drink

Description: The Town of Elmstone sits at the edge of Nature's Bounty forest and on the shores of Ursine Bay. Elmstone prospers due to an abundance of natural resources and new settlers are arriving in droves. The town is governed by a Mayor Nathaniel Elliott, who despite his good nature, has granted some severely profitable monopolies to a select few individuals who have formed "guilds" beneath themselves and attracted workers from the main land with the promise of wealth. The area in the hex surrounding the town has been almost completely deforested, with only a few trees left behind for aesthetics. Mines and Quarries under control of the Rock guild have sprouted wherever a vein of minerals can be found and small farms have begun popping up .

Elmstone: Establishments

Name Short Description Full Description Status
Wood Guild Buildings A Guild dedicated to the harvesting, processing and crafting of wood. The wood guild controls a large area of town next to the docks and alongside Ursine Bay. There is a guild office building, a lumber yard, a ship yard, a mill, a warehouse and a workshop. They also have furniture and tool shops located near the market square.

Created by Matt Cain

Rock Guild Buildings Buildings dedicated to the Rock Guild The Rock Guild controls some buildings on the outskirts of town. These would be buildings dedicated to the refinement, processing and crafting of minerals. There is a guild office, warehouse, refinement, stone yard, blacksmith, and gem cutter. They also keep a vault to store precious metals and gemstones. In the market square they keep shops dedicated to metalworks (with some simple weapons and armor, but nothing of high quality) and jewellery.

Created by Matt Cain


Elmstone: NPCs

Name Race Alignment Occupation Description Status
Nathaniel Elliot Half Elf Lawful Good Mayor of Elmstone Mayor of Elmstone, Half Elf Male

- A 35 year old half elf. - Short cropped brown hair and a well maintained brown beard and green eyes. - He is 6' tall, broad shouldered. - He is a man of the people, has many friends and dresses similar to the common folk of the area. - He is a compulsive gambler.

Created by Matt Cain

Jackson Miller Human Neutral Guildmaster of the Wood Guild Male Human Guildmaster

- Light skin, black hair, dark eyes, pencil moustache - Dressed in only the finest clothes - Very intelligent

Created by Matt Cain

Jonathon Smith Human Lawful Good Guildmaster of the Rock Guild Human Male Guildmaster

- A rotund, jolly man, 5'6, light skinned, blonde hair, blue eyes - Good natured - Dresses in fine clothes

Created by Matt Cain


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