Code of Conduct

All participants are expected to abide by the following code of conduct at all of our events regardless of the game being run. In some cases participants who habitually break these rules may be suspended or removed from the group.

Code of conduct version 1.0, Released 2024-04-19

  • Be inclusive: TorontoDnD strives to deliver inclusive service regardless of heritage, education, ethnicity, beliefs regarding religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental health, physical or cognitive capabilities, or socio-economic status. Any abuse or harassment based on these factors will not be tolerated. If an attendee is being blatantly abusive or in any way discriminatory they will be asked to leave immediately and may be banned from the group. If you feel you are being abused or harassed please talk to an organiser. Depending on the situation you can:

    • Ask the GM for assistance in the moment
    • Talk to the host during or after the event
    • Reach out to admin via email
  • Respect people’s preferred pronouns: We encourage all attendees to indicate their pronouns by writing them on their name tags at our events. If you are not comfortable displaying your pronouns you may leave them off. We require all attendees to respect and use the pronouns indicated on attendees name tags.
  • Abide by the TorontoDnD: Content Standards: These standards apply to both GMs and players and exist to create a safe space for all participants.
  • Only play approved sources: Almost all of our games have restrictions on species, spells, classes and magic items. These restrictions are important in helping GMs plan their adventures and to provide power balance across levels. You can can find all the details here. If you show up with out of bounds options you may not be able to play that character.
  • Don’t talk over anyone else: We all get excited from time to time but if somebody else is in the middle of speaking, let them finish! Constantly interrupting is just plain rude.
  • Give everyone the spotlight: Enjoy your PCs moment in the sun, but also enjoy watching other players have theirs. If you are always in the spotlight that means other players get less of it.
  • Don’t put down another player for their actions in game: No matter what you think of their choices. Their choices are theirs alone. Additionally, don't insult or annoy a player who is not playing their character the way you would. It is okay to remind somebody of a feature they may have forgotten about, but if they clearly know that their Barbarian can rage in most combats but choose not to that is up to them.
  • Consider the party: When making choices that will impact the whole party take a moment to consider how your actions affect the other players enjoyment of the game. It is totally fine to Leroy Jenkins it every now and again, but if you are constantly working against the interest of the rest of the party then it is likely it won’t be a very fun session for the other players at the table.
  • No PvP: Unless otherwise specified at an event intentional player vs player violence is not allowed. The only exception would be when a player action would injure another player as a side effect of achieving another goal and in those cases consent is required.Players being cursed and forced to attack the nearest combatant etc is also okay.

    Player 1: Okay, I'm going to cast fireball on those cultists before they do any more damage.
    Player 2: Oh no, Billy the Badass Barbarian is going toe to toe with the leader and will take damage!
    Player 1: My bad, I'll think of something else to do then.
    Player 2: Actually, cast fireball. Billy can take it.
    GM: Smiling quietly because his players are great...

  • Be on time: Living in Toronto and being dependent on the TTC, people are going to be late from time to time. That being said, we know we live in Toronto and depend on the TTC so do try to plan accordingly. If you’re going to be late please go to the event page on our website and click the running late button! -> Coming Soon! If you do show up late and the game is in progress please join in the least disruptive way possible. The GM will catch you up on anything you missed but may wait until a suitable break in the action to do so.
  • The GM has the final say: It’s fine to point out a different interpretation of a rule etc, but once the GM has ruled it’s time to move on. You can of course discuss further and respectfully plead your case after the session is finished.
  • Pay attention to the game, even when your character isn’t involved: Asking for a recap because you were watching YouTube or just zoned out is disrespectful. Additionally, keep side conversations to a minimum, they are distracting and can be saved for a break.
  • Mobile devices should be used sparingly: If you are not using your phone as a character sheet please consider just putting it away for the game. If you are using it to run your character then please close other apps and don’t use it for other purposes.
  • Be welcoming to new players or players you don’t know: The nature of our group means you will often be playing with people you haven’t met before. Be as inclusive with them as you would be with any friends at the table.
  • Be Willing to Learn: Do your best to know how your character works. If you are brand new to the game or it’s your first time playing a specific class you absolutely don’t have to know how anything works. But if you have been playing a Sorcerer for 6 sessions you should be pretty comfortable with the character you are playing. This helps take some of the burden off the GM and the other players at the table and gives you more time to do cool stuff at the table!

  • Be a good guest: The places we play at are businesses and there is an expectation that you will be a good customer. Unless otherwise stated outside food and drink is prohibited. Our venues and businesses offer us space in exchange for business. You should plan on ordering something. Unless included on the bill, be sure to tip the wait staff appropriately. Anything below 18% is considered below average. Refrain from any behaviour that negatively impacts the venue including being excessively messy or annoying other customers.
  • Remember, it’s just a game! Have fun and try to make sure everybody at your table is having fun too!

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