Mission Statement

Since our inception in March of 2018, TorontoDnD has been dedicated to providing spaces and opportunities for all residents of Toronto to play TTRPG games. Our goal is to make Toronto the most active, inclusive and developed TTRPG community in the world.

  • Active: We want to increase the number of people in the city who play on a regular basis. The more people we have in our community the more games will be played and the easier it will be for people to find games they can play in. The more the merrier!
  • Inclusive: We want all of our games to be safe spaces for everybody who wants a seat at the table regardless of heritage, education, ethnicity, beliefs regarding religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental health, physical or cognitive capabilities, or socio-economic status. This really boils down to fostering a sense of mutual respect at our tables.
  • Developed: We want our community to have access to many different ways to play and learn about RPG games, and have the ability to play when, where and how they want. This means having a wide breadth of game types in terms of game system, format, experience level required etc, as well as putting on social and educational events.

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