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Attending Events

I have never played before, can I come out and just watch?

Unfortunately no. Due to table constraints and the comfort of the people playing we do not allow spectators. That being said we love new players and will you how to play at our Newbie Night events or any event labelled as L1 - L2 or L1 - L4.

What do I do if I am running late to an event?

From anywhere on the website click on your avatar and select "Running Late". Follow the prompts to make sure everybody is notified.

I bought a ticket but I can no longer attend. Can I transfer the ticket to another event?

No, you will need to cancel your ticket and buy a new one to the new event.

If I have to cancel do I get a refund?

That depends on how far ahead of the event start that you cancel. Our full refund policy can be found here.

Can I bring my child with me to an event?

All of our events are 18+ for liability reasons, we do not make exceptions to this rule.

Do you run any events for children?

We do not. If you would like to hire a DM for a private event we can arrange that for you, for public events we highly recommend The Guild House.

I can't pay through the website. Do you accept other forms of payment like cash at the door, e-transfer etc?

Unfortunately we do not, all ticketing is handled via the website.

The event I wanted is sold out, is there a waitlist?

No, we do not support waitlists for paid events.

What do I need to bring to an event to play?

A character and a can-do attitude. There are loaner dice and pencils on hand at all of our venues. If you are planning on playing a level one character we will also have pregenerated characters on hand to get you started!

GMing Events

I would like to run some D&D games, how do I get started

Check out our Getting Started Guide for GMs, all your questions will be answered.

I would like to learn how to DM, can you help me with that?

Absolutely! Most months we offer DM Workshops to help you get up to speed. Keep an eye on the events page.

As a DM what do I need to bring with me?

We have dice, pencils, battle mats, creature and terrain clings, dry erase markers, DM screens, X-Cards, the PHB, pregenerated characters and more at every event. If there is something specific you think we should add let us know!

I signed up to GM a session but I have to cancel. How do I do that?

Go to event detail page, just below the title of the event you should see a step-down button. Click that and you are all good!

I would like to run a non-standard event. How do I sign up for those?

Once a month or we will send out a link to our special events signup sheet (make sure your DM preference is turned on in your profile). This sheet will have a bunch of open spots, you can put what you want to run down in one of those spots and we will be in touch. If you want to run one of the below events you need to get on this sheet:

  • D&D games at L8+
  • Sidequest games - modified versions of D&D like B-Team, Goblin Party etc
  • DM Workshops
  • Non D&D TTRPGs
  • Anything else that doesn't fit neatly into an available category

Character Creation

Are there any specific rules for characters at your events?

We do have some additional rules that we employ to make things a bit more consistent from table to table. You can find all the details here.

Can I use options that are not allowed if I am not progressing the character?

No you cannot.

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