Character Creation Rules

Want to know how to get started with your character in our events? Read on!

Character Creation

First off, if you have no experience creating your own D&D characters and the process seems intimidating we have you covered. You can always use one of the pregenerated characters that we will have on hand at the event. You can just show up and play. If you would like to create your own you can always find people that are happy to help on our Discord server. When creating a character to use at our events you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. Review the allowable options
  2. Decide on how you will generate your stats
  3. Register your character

Allowable Options

In order to make sure that there is some semblance of balance at our tables we have a list of content that is approved for use in character creation. This includes species, classes, subclasses, spells and magic items. If you do not see something listed as approved on this list then it is by definition NOT approved and you should not add it to you character.

Please note that this list will change from time to time. If you have an item that is banned for some reason your character will have the opportunity to swap it our for an approved source. These adjustments are made:

  1. We do a periodic review of the list. When this happens we will put a notice on the main page of our website and on our Discord server asking for community suggestions.
  2. When new content is released by the publishers of D&D (or potentially third parties that we like!).

Stat Generation

When creating your character you have three options for creating your stats:

  1. Use the standard array (15,14,13,12,10,8)
  2. Use the point-buy method
  3. Roll for stats on our website when you register the character

Note that when you on the website it will roll for you. If you go this route you will need to create a character with those rolls before you can get a new set of rolls. This is intentional.

Registering Your Character Online

In order to advance your character through our system it is strongly recommended that you register them on our website. To do this go to you character listing on our website and click on "Add Character". From there name your character, fill out a few options and away you go. Note that your "Short Description" and character sheet links will be viewable by members of the site if you assign the character to an event you are playing at.

Pen and Paper Registration

If you prefer not to use our online system for tracking your character you can use one of our paper log sheets to do so. Please note that there are couple very important limitations when doing this:

  1. You cannot use rolled values for stats, hit points or magic item charges:
    • For stats you can use standard array or point-buy only. No rolling allowed.
    • For hit point rolls you must take the average (rounded up). So a fighter levelling up has a hit die of 10, the average of which is 5.5 which gets rounded up to 6.
    • For magic item charges you must use the average, rounded down. If you just got a necklace of fireballs (which has 1d6 +3 charges) it would have six charges (average for d6 is 3.5 rounded down = 3)
  2. When you finish a game you need to have your GM sign off on the sheet to verify the session.

Next Steps

Once you have created your character it's time to play them! When you sign up to events you can let everybody know what character you will be bringing to the table by following these steps:

  1. Go to the event page for the event you are attending. You can see all of these here.
  2. In the attendees panel you will see your name listed. Click on the action menu on the right and select "Assign Character"
  3. On the next page pick the character you want to play and click the button labelled "Assign"

Now your GM and the other players can see who you are playing! If you would like to take it a step further, add a link to your character sheet in your character page. This will let everybody see your whole character sheet!

After you play a game you will have the option to log the session to one of your characters that is currently in the level range of the table. So if you play at an L1 - L4 table you can apply that session to any character level 4 or below. To log your session just go to your character listing and select "Log Session" from the action menu to the right.

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